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We are CertaSite: The CertaSite Difference

Dependable and simplified. Two words that carry quite a bit of weight. But they don’t mean anything unless the expectations that come with them are met. For CertaSite, these two words tell our story. They differentiate us from other fire protection and life safety companies.

At CertaSite, we believe there is a better way when it comes to fire protection and life safety. From the beginning, we set out to be the most dependable and simplified fire protection and life safety solution on the planet to better serve our customers. This commitment is not one we take lightly. It is a dedication that is unrivalled within the industry.

What we are doing here at CertaSite is more than meeting the standards. We are disrupting the fire protection and life safety industry in intentional ways, and we are just getting started.

Dependable Fire Protection & Life Safety

At CertaSite, we mean what we say, and we actually do it. We are a team of hardworking individuals who are changing the industry one day at a time. That’s why we’re the most dependable fire protection and life safety partner.

tmp20029_0496Our trained, certified industry life safety professionals are a huge part of what makes us dependable. They are educated and trained through the CertaSite Academy and partners like NICET where they gain industry trade skills, hands on training, and are mentored throughout their time in the Academy. Our life safety technician’s dedication to lifelong learning and continuous honing of their skills and expertise keep them the best in the industry. And they are passionate about doing this because you deserve the best.

The first word that comes to mind when you think of fire protection systems is probably compliance. There are thousands of codes and standards and each fire protection and life safety system has multiple codes they need to comply with. Of course, we make sure our customers are compliant with all codes and standards, but our dependability goes beyond that. We don’t just maintain your systems; we’re committed to educating you on your fire protection and life safety systems. We believe customer education is important not because we expect you to memorize codes and standards, but because the more you know about your life safety systems the more you understand their importance and the importance of keeping them in working order, so you are protected. Think of CertaSite as a life safety consultant.

Emergencies in fire protection and life safety systems need to be handled quickly to avoid injuries or business closures. CertaSite’s response to service requests and emergencies is always top priority. We never want a business to close due to unresponsiveness, so we provide 24/7 emergency service, after hours, and holiday hours along with immediate, on time response during regular business hours.

All our life safety professionals make CertaSite dependable, not just our technicians. Our customer support is the foundation of CertaSite’s dependability. A customer’s journey with CertaSite should be a seamless partnership. In conjunction with billing (invoicing and ease of use), CertaSite’s customer success team (an actual person answering the phone on every call), customer onboarding (ongoing support and what to expect as a CertaSite customer), and access to the CertaSite customer portal, the effort our teams make to provide a simple way to approach life safety is companywide. All hands-on deck. We take our commitment to providing the most dependable and simplified experience for our customers seriously and it is what makes us different from the rest.

At CertaSite, the word “consistency” holds great weight. We are consistent in all we do to provide our customers with the most dependable and simplified life safety solution on the planet. The consistency of the information provided to our customers enables them with easy access to their reports, stress-free management of their life safety systems, and gives them clear, proactive communication about upcoming service. With CertaSite, life safety management is effortless, like it should be, for our customer.

Simplified Fire Protection and Life Safety

At CertaSite, we constantly think about the customer and their experience. How can we simplify life safety? Everything we do from our operational practices to our employee professional development is guided by customer needs. Our customers are why we come to work every day. That’s why CertaSite is a life safety partner, not a vendor. We give them a confidence that is unmatched.

Being a life safety partner does not stop there. CertaSite makes life safety simplified, and this is how:

  • CertaSite Customer Portal

  • Device Management

  • Digital Inspection Reports

Our CertaSite customer portal provides our customers with 24/7 online access to their accounts at the palm of their hand. Through the CertaSite customer portal, customers can view:

  • Service history detail

  • Paid and unpaid invoices

  • Every device (fire safety system) and its location that CertaSite is managing

  • Reported deficiencies and outstanding quotes

  • Upcoming scheduled services

And you have access to all this information in one place at any time day or night. The days of waiting to receive inspection reports via mail are no more. The CertaSite customer portal makes life safety easy and allows our customers to get back to what is most important…their business.

tmp20029_4166Many businesses have multiple fire protection and life safety systems. Managing all these systems and trying to keep up with the thousands of laws and codes for these systems can be overwhelming and difficult. CertaSite’s device management platform allows customers to view itemized inventory of all fire protection and life safety systems in their facility. Not only does the device management platform show the customer what system they have onsite, it also provides system locations within the facility. Through the information provided by the device management platform, customers can see specific deficiencies and service history for each individual system. The device management platform is connected to the CertaSite customer portal so there is no need to log in to another platform. Talk about a time-saver!

Are you tired of sorting through your file cabinets full of paperwork and inspection reports – which are themselves a fire hazard – every time the fire marshal comes to your business? Then you’ll love CertaSite’s digital inspection reports. Say goodbye to the mess and sheets of paper each containing different pieces of information regarding your life safety systems. CertaSite’s digital inspection reports provide our customers the option to view them through the CertaSite customer portal or download and save to their computer. A comprehensive report is provided for each life safety system, and they can be accessed and reviewed 24/7. Included in CertaSite’s digital inspection reports are:

  • Future maintenance

  • Deficiency reports

  • Inspection and testing reports

  • Location of each device and system that was inspected and tested

  • Outline of devices and systems that passed

  • An overview of what was done during inspection

  • Pictures and videos taken during the service call

Your fire and life safety systems are well maintained and managed and will never be missed due to CertaSite’s customer portal, device management, and digital inspection reports. The data and guidance from our professionals and device management system help businesses make better informed decisions that stay on plan and on budget. Now that’s a win! The flexibility it provides is unmatched. Sit back and relax, your fire and life safety systems are well taken care of.

It’s life safety simplified.

Sure, CertaSite is a fire protection and life safety company. There are lots of other fire protection and life safety companies throughout the country. But there is not a single one like CertaSite. CertaSite is more than a fire protection and life safety company. We’re a place with dedicated industry experts who are all on a mission together and that’s providing a meaningful impact to our customers while being the most dependable and simplified fire protection and life safety solution on the planet. Fire and life safety is our passion. Are you ready to experience it with us?

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