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CertaSite Difference

Compliance. And then some.

Compliance is the enemy.

Why? Because in the end, "compliance" is synonymous with "the bare minimum."

And you deserve better than that. When fire and life safety companies focus on mere compliance, they fail to protect what really matters to people: time. At CertaSite, we surround our clients with complete, proactive care—including a dedicated account team.

You see, we're not just selling fire suppression systems, extinguishers, and the like. We're giving people the guidance and tools they need to protect their buildings—and safeguard their time.

We're not like other fire and
life safety companies.
Thank goodness.

We take a more holistic approach.

If you're looking to buy a fire extinguisher or two, chances are CertaSite isn't for you. We surround all our clients with complete protection—and therefore, complete peace of mind.

Our bundle of services includes:

  • Budgeting/Planning
  • Inspection Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fire & Life Safety Training
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Documentation
  • Service & Repairs
Are you truly protected?
Or merely compliant?
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