Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers
Putting out fires and protecting your business.

A fire sprinkler system is one of the most popular built-in methods for slowing the spread of a fire. A fire sprinkler is connected to a water supply system, and uses water pressure to propel water or a combination of water and foam to the affected areas. There are several different types of water sprinklers available on the market including: 

  • Pre-Action Water Systems: Requires activation, generally via a heat detection system, in the specific area.
  • Deluge: Floods the entire system with water, all heads are open simultaneously. 
  • Foam-Water: Releases a combination of water and foam which acts as a flame retardant. 
  • Standpipe: Connects the sprinkler system directly to the hydrant system, and can come in 'wet' or 'dry' form. 
  • Water Spray: Covers a horizontal surface area with the ability to avoid certain sections, offering some protection to equipment. 
  • Water Mist: Used when it's determined that water vapor is more effective at fighting the specifications of a potential fire. 
  • Water Atomizing: Delivers a massive amount of water near instantaneously, in droplet form.
Inspection Cycles

All fire sprinkler systems require:

  • Weekly inspection of gauges
  • Annual inspection
  • 5-year internal inspections and FDC checks

Depending on the system you have and the requirements from your insurance provider, your sprinkler system may also require quarterly or semi-annual inspection, testing, and maintenance. 

Common Deficiencies

A deficiency is identified during regular inspections when the devices and components do not meet acceptable standards. Here are a few commonly found deficiencies for fire sprinklers: 

  • Broken or damaged sprinkler heads 
  • Painted sprinkler heads 
  • Inventory and equipment stacked too close to a sprinkler head 
  • Internal blockage and corrosion 
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