First Aid and Life Safety

First Aid and Life Safety
More than a bandage.

First aid is more than just spare bandages you have lying around in a drawer somewhere.  

First aid and life safety equipment refer to the medical attention and supplies that are administered and used shortly after an injury occurs. Typically, first aid is considered a one-time, short-term treatment that can include cleaning of wounds, treating minor burns, applying bandages, or administering CPR. At CertaSite, we believe first aid and life safety should not be a transactional relationship. We provide first aid professionals dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and help you need so you can protect your employees and create a safe and positive work environment. 

There are many different types of first aid supplies and products. They can range from bandages, saline, and gauze found in first aid cabinets to AED wall units, eyewash stations and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). No matter what the supply or product is, they all require monitoring and inspections to ensure they are in working order to do what they are supposed to in the event of an emergency.

Inspection Cycles 

First aid supplies can require weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly visual inspection of the kit, including checking for stock levels of product, expiration dates, and providing products for any given situation.  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspections should be performed regularly to ensure that all equipment is still effective. Exposure to chemicals, dirt, or sunlight can cause PPE to lose effectiveness. AED units require monthly inspections that consist of verifying expiration dates of both batteries and pads and updating the system when needed. Regular maintenance and visual inspections can occur as frequently as desired.  

Eyewash stations need to be tested at least weekly or monthly and be inspected annually to ensure they are functioning properly.  

Common Deficiencies 

A deficiency is identified during regular inspections when the devices and components do not meet acceptable standards. Here are a few commonly found deficiencies for first aid and safety products: 

  • Expired batteries in an AED unit 
  • Worn PPE due to non-use 
  • Expired first aid cabinet supplies 
  • Out-of-stock first aid cabinet supplies 
  • Eyewash station low water flow 
  • Eyewash station hands-free valve does not activate 

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Need your first aid and safety supplies? Have an eyewash station that needs serviced? Fill out this form and we'll be happy to help with all your first aid and life safety needs. 

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