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The Story of CertaSite

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It all began with one company, four markets, and 40 associates. Today, we are 11 companies, 16 markets, and 350 associates. We’ve come a long way and we’ve grown so much. This is the story of CertaSite and our people.

Who We Are

We protect buildings. And all the amazing things that happen inside them. Our vision is to be the most dependable and simplified life safety solution on the planet.

At CertaSite we service, install, inspect, and maintain all the typical fire and life safety systems that protect you daily – things like fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. And along the way, we also provide our customers an unmatched level of customer service and tech-based control over their fire and life safety systems. In the end, that makes their job easier.

Our Truth and Promise

Thousands of laws and codes dictate complicated safety standards for commercial buildings. At CertaSite, we help people stay compliant with those laws and codes. But that’s just the beginning.

Our promise is “beyond compliance.” Beyond compliance is a promise we make to ourselves and to everyone we interact with. In all we do, we must constantly strive to deliver an experience that’s well beyond the bare minimum.

Our People

When growing our team, we were intentional about every choice we made. We wanted the best in the industry in every position and we wanted every person at CertaSite to emulate our values and identity.

We looked for people who bring passion to their work. Whether dealing with customers or teammates, our people bring enthusiasm and positive energy to all they do. After all, we chose to work together to create a new kind of fire and life safety company. Together, we are changing the marketplace – and we have fun doing it.

We looked for people who are innovators and bring new ideas and technologies to the market. In an industry that celebrates tradition and history, we’ve chosen to build a brand that embraces innovation and change. That alone makes us different from our competitors. We remain committed to creative thinking, new ideas, and open-mindedness.

We looked for people who want to impact real lives. It’s easy to focus on the physical items we sell and service. But we’ll never forget why we sell and service them. Ultimately, we’re here to save lives. And we take pride in that.

We looked for people who develop genuine relationships. We do what we say. It’s as simple as that. In every conversation, every day, we’ll be authentic and dependable. We owe our customers more than fire security and life protection systems. We owe them compassion. We owe them our best effort.

And we found these people. We are so proud of all our employees at CertaSite. We love seeing them grow and thrive with us. And we love sharing their stories.

Jayshon Self

Jayshon has been with CertaSite for 5 years. He currently installs and inspects sprinkler and backflow systems, but is always cross-training and learning new systems and service lines.

When asked about working at CertaSite, Jayshon shared: "CertaSite is an amazing place to work. I love the opportunities CertaSite provides for cross-training so I can expand my knowledge and advance in my field. CertaSite has a great company culture! Everyone is friendly and a pleasure to work with. At CertaSite, I've been able to travel and work at different branches. I'm excited to see what the future brings as I continue to grow and advanced with CertaSite."

Jonathan Kunkel

Jonathan has been with CertaSite for 2.5 years and currently works as one of our fire sprinkler life safety professionals. Before coming to CertaSite, Jonathan worked as a maintenance director for a nursing home that was serviced by CertaSite. In this position, he would walk the facility with CertaSite's life safety professionals, and this sparked his interest in working for CertaSite and being more hands on with life safety systems to fulfill his passion to protect lives. 

When asked about working at CertaSite, Jonathon shared: "I started at CertaSite green, but the company provided great cross-training on life safety systems. Every day I'm traveling to different locations, so each day holds a different set of challenges. One day, I'd like to be a service manager and I'm glad to work at a company that provides me the opportunities to advance within my company and my field."

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer has been with CertaSite for 7.5 years and serves as our business analyst. In this role, she integrates newly acquired companies into our technology platform. This allows Jennifer the versatility of working with CertaSite's internal and external teams. Jennifer's journey to CertaSite has quite the story. 

Prior to her business analyst role, Jennifer was an employee at County Fire Protection serving as office manager. Upon CertaSite's 2018 acquisition of County Fire Protection, the CertaSite team noticed Jennifer's determination and strong work ethic, which led her to the role of district office manager, and to serve as inspiration of our cores values: passionate, impactful, innovative, and genuine. 

When asked about working at CertaSite, Jennifer shared: "I'm very fortunate in my position that I can carve out a niche based on my strengths and skills. I'm so grateful that I have people within the organization who encourage and support me. I love working here. I'm learning so much, and excited for every opportunity, every new project that comes my way."

For more on Jennifer's CertaSite journey, read her story here

Our Why

Fire and life safety is our passion. It’s all we think about. We leverage our hard-earned expertise to give people peace of mind, confidence, and more time to pursue their core business. Our approach is distinctly positive. We don’t deal in fear. On the contrary, we celebrate the peace of mind that comes with feeling prepared, safe, and completely secure.

Our purpose is to protect and provide a meaningful impact to as many lives as possible. And that goes beyond fire and life safety. Our charitable arm, CertaSite Serves, supports that purpose and enlarges our wingspan beyond the life safety systems that we install, inspect, service, and maintain. CertaSite Serves offers a helping hand and provides a meaningful impact to those in critical need throughout our communities.

Where We're Going Next

Coming off the unprecedented year 2020 was for so many, we're so excited for the future of CertaSite. Customer service, new products and services, expanding to new markets and employee growth opportunities are all essential for us to go to that next level, and we're thrilled for you to be a part of our journey.

At CertaSite, we go above and beyond compliance to leverage our expertise in order to provide our customers the peace of mind, confidence, and more time to pursue their core businesses. That's why customer service is held at the utmost regard within the company and is one of our core focuses. We are diligently working toward an improved service expansion that will benefit our customers in more ways than one. Our goal is to be accepted as the preferred life safety solution that is the easiest and most dependable, and we won't stop until we are. Providing consistent customer service also includes providing our customers new service offerings and products. Fire and life safety is what we breathe, and whenever there's an opportunity to innovate, disrupt, and deliver unmatched customer service, we're going to take the reigns.

Expansion into new markets is a goal for the future. To protect and provide a meaningful impact to as many lives as possible means expanding into new markets. CertaSite has plans to enter new markets and expand our service offerings throughout the Midwest and nationally. 

The investment in our employees is essential to our success and this year we plan on offering even more career growth opportunities, including leadership development, training and expanding our own CertaSite Academy to provide continuous professional development for all our employees. Training and career growth are meaningful facets of CertaSite. We want our customers to be supported by the best in the industry. And we want to provide our employees with a career path, not just a job. 

Join Us On Our Journey

If you're ready to make an impact, we want you to join us on this amazing journey. All our current opportunities are listed on our Careers page. Don't see the position you're looking for? Fill out the form at the bottom of our Careers page to join our talent pool for future opportunities.