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Fire Safety This Halloween

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Halloween is a fun holiday that many enjoy celebrating with candlelit pumpkins, costumes, trick-or-treating and more. It’s also a night with unique fire safety risks to consider.

This Halloween, keep your spooky fun purely imaginary by avoiding major fire risks with the tips and tricks below.

Jack-o-lantern safety

Carved pumpkins lit with candles are a signature part of Halloween – but they’re definitely one of the highest fire risks when it comes to this holiday. It’s extremely unsafe to light a candle in a jack-o-lantern and then leave it unattended to go trick or treating, as many families might. If using a real candle, it needs to be monitored at all times, and children need to be kept far away from the flames. When lighting a candle in a pumpkin, use a fireplace-style match or utility lighter to avoid burning yourself. Place the pumpkins far away anything that can burn, and out of the way of any trick or treaters who may stop by.

An even safer option? Skip the candles entirely and opt for battery-operated candles or glowsticks to achieve that spooky look and feel. This way, you can safely leave your pumpkins when you set off for the night and avoid the fire risk altogether.

Consider the costumes

iStock-1696090507Costumes are an essential part of Halloween – and one of the most fun parts for many adults and kids alike. When choosing a costume or helping your child choose a costume, avoid long, flowy fabric that could catch fire. If wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are big enough to properly see out to avoid any possible hazards.

If you have children, talk to them about avoiding any open flames and the risks of candlelit jack-o-lanterns. Provide them with flashlights or glowsticks so they can see where they’re going as they go from house to house. Finally, make sure they are familiar with what to do if their clothes catch on fire – to stop, drop and roll. Practice before Halloween so your kids are prepared if there’s a fire emergency.

Don't forget fall décor

iStock-1129361462Did you know – decorations are the first thing to ignite in roughly 800 home fires each year, and more than one-third of these fires were started by a candle. Decorations can be fun and festive, but it’s important to decorate safely, especially if you plan to use any fall candles.

Decorations should only be placed far away from candles, lightbulbs or other sources of heat. When in doubt, don’t put them up. Also be careful not to block any exits or windows with decorations in case you need to escape during an emergency.

Finally, check your smoke detectors. This should be done once a month, but you can never check too often. Play it safe and make sure you have working smoke detectors before you start celebrating the fall season with candles, crepe paper and other décor.

Halloween is all about spooky fun – make sure the scares all stay pretend by following these fire safety tips. If you’re looking for even more commercial and home fire safety advice, check out our other blogs on autumn fire safety, campfire safety and more. Find them all on

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