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Careers in Fire Safety

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When you think about careers related to fire protection and life safety, you may think only of firefighters.  

Of course, firefighters have an incredibly important role in keeping the community safe, but there are many careers in fire protection that go beyond putting out fires. There are the people who install fire alarm systems and inspect them to make sure they’re fully functioning, the operations team that makes sure all customers are responded to and kept in compliance, and the sales staff that help expand the reach of fire protection systems, protecting as many people as possible.  

Whether you’re interested in operations, sales, or becoming a life safety technician, all of these roles work together to protect people and their property – giving you a career path that you can truly feel good about

Life Safety Technicians

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Life safety technicians are the people who handle the installation, maintenance, inspection and care of fire protection and life safety systems, including sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire alarms, fire suppression systems and more. More broadly – life safety technicians work hard to prevent fires by providing customers with critical fire protection and life safety systems and equipment.  

There are a variety of specialties within this field, including:  

  • Fire Alarm & Suppression Technicians 
  • Route Sales & Service Technicians 
  • Fire Sprinkler Technicians 
  • Electrical Safety Technicians 
  • And so many more positions 

While some of these careers may require an associate degree or higher, others only require certification through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). When you work at a company like CertaSite, there’s also an opportunity for continued growth in your career as well as education reimbursement for various certifications or trainings.  

A typical day as a safety technician involves going to the customer’s business or site, and installing, testing and inspecting various parts of the life safety system(s), based on your particular specialty or certification. Life safety technicians document all inspections, repairs, discrepancies, and recommendations, then share that with the customer through CertaSite’s innovative Customer Portal. However, this job isn’t just about the equipment – it’s also about the people, and about maintaining a positive working relationship with customers, making sure all of their questions and concerns are addressed appropriately.


If you’re not interested in life safety technician opportunities but still would love to help provide a meaningful impact to customers, operations jobs could be a good fit.  

At CertaSite, operations positions include

  • Billing Specialists
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Customer Success Representatives
  • And others

There’s a wide array of opportunities within operations, and while candidates for some positions ideally have a bachelor’s degree, others only require hands-on experience within a particular area.  

Whether you love working with customers and fielding questions, managing invoices and reviewing documentation, maintaining inventory and managing a shop, or something else entirely, there’s almost certainly a job within operations that could be a great match for your skillset.


IMG_0113If you’re passionate about fire protection and life safety and love working toward finding solutions with customers, a sales position could be right for you.  

Our sales positions include: 

  • Account executives  
  • Account managers 
  • Sales development representatives 
  • Sales engineers 

These positions often require a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work experience. However, you don’t need any familiarity or certifications around the tech or equipment – we’re happy to bring you up to speed on all of that once you join our team. 

Whatever your background, we’d love to get you started in a meaningful career that’s as rewarding as it is lucrative with our various positions at CertaSite. We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, generous time paid time off, education reimbursement and more. You can search our current openings or even just submit your application for us to have on file on our website: 

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