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Approved Safety & Security, Inc. is now a CertaSite Company. Approved Safety & Security, Inc. was recently acquired and will begin offering expanded services and support by leveraging innovation and developing a customer-centered culture of training and development. Customers will continue to enjoy the local service they've had for many years, but now they're offered more services for all their life safety systems. This includes fire alarm, sprinkler, backflow, engineered suppression and more. All of this with an expanded technician workforce.
Approved Safety & Security, Inc. is deemed an essential business and will remain open for regular service, inspections and emergency services work to all businesses during the COVID-19 related closures.
CertaSite is a commercial fire protection and life safety company founded in 2018. 
We take a new approach to fire and life safety, going beyond compliance, focusing on partnerships and professionalism while providing customers a simplified and dependable solution to managing all of the fire protection and life safety systems found in commercial buildings. 
Our team of experts serves customers across 13 locations.

1015 E. Corby Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46617
Office 574-289-4071


Products and Services We Offer:

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Fire Pumps

First Aid Services

Backflow Devices

System Monitoring

Security Services

Fire Training

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