Allied Safety Services Acquisition

Allied Safety Services
Now a CertaSite Company

Allied Safety Services was acquired by CertaSite, a fire and life safety company on a mission to be the most dependable and simplified life safety solution on the planet.

CertaSite is a new commercial fire protection and life safety company that provides the highest levels of customer service, responsiveness, building safety and code compliance to customers across the country. The company goes beyond compliance, focusing on partnerships and professionalism while providing customers a simplified and dependable solution to managing all of the fire protection and life safety systems in commercial buildings.

As part of CertaSite, we can now design, install, service, inspect, and maintain your full suite of fire and life safety systems. To learn more about this acquisition, read the announcement announcement.

If you are a current customer of Allied Safety Services, you will begin to see us show up in CertaSite uniforms and driving a CertaSite branded truck. Look for the orange! We are still located in Indianapolis, IN. Visit the Indianapolis location page to learn more.

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