Youngstown, OH

Fire and life safety
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Youngstown, OH

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(330) 845-5972
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Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Serviced by our Kent branch.

Managed by: Matt Kalain

Fire and Life Safety is our passion.

We take a new approach to fire and life safety, going beyond compliance, focusing on partnerships and professionalism while providing customers a simplified and dependable solution to managing all of their fire protection and life safety systems.

We've recently gone through some changes and growth, so you may have known us as County Fire Protection in the past. Now as CertaSite, our team of experts serve customers across 16 markets. When you see our life safety technicians in the Youngstown community, they'll be wearing CertaSite uniforms and driving CertaSite branded trucks. Look for the orange!

Products and Services we offer.

If it has to do with protecting your workplace against fires and other catastrophic events, we probably sell it. More importantly, we understand how each product plays a role in your overall safety plan.

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