CertaSite FAQs 

Change is difficult and we know it. We have every intention of making this the easiest transition you have ever experienced. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you though the next couple of months. 

You will begin to see us show up in newly wrapped trucks and new CertaSite uniforms, but this will take time. Transition involves many moving parts and details and it may not happen all at once. It may be a bit confusing through this phase as you may see us as CertaSite and as the previous company. Please bear with us as we make this meaningful change. 

Hopefully we have addressed most of your questions, but if we overlook a few, please get in touch with us. We are here to help. We are the same crew you have come to know and love, but with a new look and even more customer power behind us than ever before. We are on a mission to protect as many lives as possible and to provide you the most dependable and simple solution to managing your fire protection and life safety needs.   


QuestionWho is CertaSite? 

AWe save lives...but that’s just the beginning. CertaSite is a fire and life safety company. That means we keep people and property safe. At the most basic level, we ensure our clients are compliant with code. We go above and beyond compliance to leverage our hard-earned expertise to give people peace of mind, confidence, and more time to pursue their core businesses. 


Q: How is CertaSite different than the company I worked with before? 

A: CertaSite doesn’t just sell fire suppression systems, extinguishers, and the like. We are focused on leveraging technology to make it easier for our customers and providing them with meaningful insights about their fire and safety operating systems. We are focused on a culture of continuous learning and development for our workforce. We have developed a programmatic way to managing your life safety program that is easy, dependable and automated. We believe in a partnership approach with our customers, giving people the guidance and tools they need to protect their buildings—and safeguard their time. 


Q: Does CertaSite offer any expanded services? 

A: Yes. Our complete offering includes a comprehensive life safety program of which includes services such as the inspection, maintenance, repair and installation of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, backflow devices, fire suppression, fire alarms, emergency & exit lighting, fire pumps, and system monitoring. 


Q: Do the same people work at CertaSite that worked with the previous company? 

A: Though they may have moved into different roles or even locations with expanded opportunities to grow in their careers, in most cases the employees of the previous company transitioned to CertaSite. We celebrate the legacy company’s industry knowledge and the rich experience they bring to CertaSite. We have enjoyed finding ways to bring out this experience and carry it forward to provide all our associates more opportunities to advance in their careers through a formalized training program.  

Not only is this an opportunity for our employees, but for us to be able to better serve our you. This knowledge and experience is the essence of CertaSite. It’s our goal to be the most informed and knowledgeable so that you can be confident that you are CertaSite protected every time we complete our work. This is the last thing you should have to worry about.  


Q: How does this change benefit me and my business? 

A: Expanded services that make it possible to consolidate to one vendor, dependable and reliable partner that ensures you never fall out of compliance and helps to provide guidance and consultation to be better prepared for those unforeseen maintenance items and system upgrades. Enhanced technology that provides you the visibility needed to effectively manage your life safety program, inspection reports, maintenance schedules and the focused customer experience you come to expect from many other companies. Highly-trained life safety technicians so you don't have to worry if your systems are really functional and fully operational. All this just to name a few benefits. How can we do more? We are always looking for feedback and ways to better serve you. 


Q: Do my tags and decals need to change? 

A: As long as all the dates are current and in accordance with code, your tags are fine for now. These will change over time and eventually they will include the CertaSite logo. 


Q: Did your contact information change? How do I get in touch with you? 

A: All phone numbers will remain the same. All associates will have a new email address and the old email addresses will be forwarded to the new one. e.g. jsmith@certasitepro.com


Q: Will my billing change?  Is remittance information changing? 

A: Continue to make payments to as noted on the invoice. 


Q: Will W-9 information change? 

A: Below is the appropriate information for the W-9  

CertaSite, LLC

Tax ID 27-0026665 


Q: Will my inspection reports change? 

A: No, in fact we are already working on making improvements and now have available a CertaSite customer portal that provides you access to your CertaSite account including reports, scheduled appointments, invoices, and more. Learn more and see how to gain access through our life safety program.  


If you still have questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact your local office or Account Manager and they will be happy to assist you. Please also visit us at www.CertaSitePro.com to learn more.